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SELLING TONS OF DC COMICS (some Batman and Nightwing in the lot!) AND DC POSTERS

Hey all, please help! I want these to be a quick sale so I can pay off a debt before it's too late. With the economy I have no job right now, so I am scrambling which is why I'm selling some of my beloved collection!!




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I have a NightWing Year One that sales for 90$+ on Amazon - selling it for 50$
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A couple commissions

Over the last months I gathered some new commissions (two are even coloured :D).

Mitch Ballard yet again managed to make two amazing, and very classic, additions to my Robin-in-peril collection:

Robin, trapped by a whole bunch of batvillains and then "participating" in the Joker's new game.

And I got two Nightwing commissions in colour. The first is by Sara Richard and shows our boy, clearly having fun on Gotham's roofs, and the second was made with watercolours by Mike Mckone.
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The London Super Comics Convention was the first comic convention I've attended in many, many years, and aside from the Stan Lee panel appearance (Where he proved he can still work a room like few others, even if the less than ideal acoustics meant that every question had to be repeated to him by the chap sitting next to him) Artists Alley was the place I'd be found.

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chibi!Nightwing Sonny Strait

In honour of St Valentines Day, Jason's first crushes....

These two instances both refer to Jason 1.0, the circus performer, not the street-punk revamp.

This first one is from 1983's "New Teen Titans #33"

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And from Detective Comics 561 in 1986 comes a 15-page story from Doug Moench and Gene Colan which has been messy to cut down because it covers two interesting plot strands in one story and I'd love to showcase both; Bruce and Jason discuss drug use, and Jason gets a girlfriend. I veer more towards the latter than the former given the theme, but I thought it worth mentioning the other too...

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Hell Connection {fic}

Hell Connection

Rating: M for mature scenes (later), and also language.

Pairing(s): Jason/Tim, Dick/Damian

Themes: Father Todd and Empath!Tim, Ra's/Tim-ish

Summary: With one touch, Detective Timothy Drake can see the past—of people, of objects—anything. When a case leads him to the sewers of Gotham, he wakes an evil he never knew existed; one that wants vengeance on the family that sealed him away, years ago, and finds Tim to be a perfect vessel. Haunted by a demon and plagued by his own affinity as an empath, Tim finds that there’s only one person who can save him.

Chapter One: The Lure