Pile o' Robins!

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Here's a Robin
there's a Robin
and another little Robin
angry Robin
busty Robin
Robin Robin

Except Bruce only counts if he's in his underwear, so we can all pretend it's green panties.

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You may have noticed that we're trying to keep this comm tagged for easier searching. All tags are compiled here, for your searching convenience.  All community members can tag, although only mods can add tags. (For more info on tagging, see here) Now that we've got quite a few tags defined, we'd like to invite posters and readers to use them, tagging posts with book, writer, inker, and appearance, and whatever other tags seem appropriate. Don't worry about missing tags, your mods will create them, and they'll be there for next time. Thanks!

Please, keep in mind these very, very simple rules:
  1. All posts need a Robin pic to be legit.
  2. Any image posted has to be Robin related. "Robin" is a broad definition, here, and includes any character who has ever donned the costume. They need not be in costume now, but they must have been Robin at one point or another. Nightwing? Fair game. Red Hood? Same. Superboy? Also fair game, we've seen him in tights. :)
    1. If a character is clearly meant as a parody of/homage to Robin, that's acceptable too! But please be extra sure in this case to follow rule 3).
    2. Toon!Robins are a-okay, and very much appreciated. 
    3. Elseworlds!Robins will make me, and the rest of the comm, very very very happy. Especially if they're pirates. Or cowboys. If anyone finds cowboy pirates, please let the rest of us know. :)
    4. Multiple Robins in one picture get you bonus points and an internet batarang.
  3. Please tell us which issue the scans come from, if you can. If you know, mention the writer and the penciller. Inkers not necessary, but appreciated nonetheless.
    1. NO SUPERDICKERY IMAGES UNLESS YOU ASK THE MODS FIRST. Chances are, if it's on superdickery the whole world's seen its knickers. Twice. Not only are images from superdickery pretty easy to find, but they never come with any kind of info.
    2. That said, only one unidentified scan per post, please. And by unidentified we mean, no book, no issue, no writer, no artist. Two out of four is enough. But do strive for the poker.
  4. Practice good f-list hygiene.  Cut to spare our f-lists.
    1. Any picture wider than, say, 600px should go behind a cut. If you're posting more than two pictures, please cut. Learn all about lj cut-tags here.
    2. You can be as raunchy as you want, knock yourselves out. But please be considerate of others and embrace the "NOT WORKSAFE" lj-cut. Posts which contain NWS images that have not been placed behind a cut will be deleted. And I will be annoyed. 
  5. Don't post the entire issue, it's just not smart.  Don't post most of the issue.  Don't make us define "most."  Use your common sense.
  6. Fanart is more than welcome. If it's not your own work, please ask the artist for permission before posting.
  7. It's okay to tell us about your favourite Robin, but keep discussions on your least-favourite Robin to your own lj.
  8. If you post something saying that the moderators may delete it if its against the rules, we'll delete it without checking. If you can't be bothered to read the rules to find out of it's legal, we can't be bothered to read your post to find out either.
  9. HAVE FUN. Life is short and there are only so many Robins to oogle. 

Contact me at brown_betty@livejournal.com if you have any questions or problems.

This community is slash friendly. Discussion is welcome, of course, but know when to pick your battles. If you disapprove, that's your problem, and you will be laughed at.

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